Reusable High Quality Ice Beer Retro Metal 50 Liters Transparent Cooler Box

Model: SK5000
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Product Details

Model: Sk5000


Product:Cooler Box
Capacity: 50L
Packing:1pc/polybag 1pc/ctn
Carton size:41.5X66X48.5cm
Usage:Home, outdoor, delivery, camping, fishing, etc.
Function:Keep cool for 2-3days


GiNT with its enthusiasm and profession in insulated containers provides food-grade insulation products to every family in the world, to help every user achieve an energy-efficient, healthy, convenient, and quality life. Whether you’re taking a day-trip to the beach, having a weekend adventure camping, or an afternoon cookout, you can count on GiNT to have a cooler or ice chest to fit your every need.


1. Comfortable shapes and size, easily carried.

2. Durable, waterproof outer blowing moldings resist rough handling and give a long service life.

3. Polyurethane foam provides the longest cold time without using any power.

4.Allows for maximization of usable cold space according to cold source used.



Cold Chain Bags and Boxes, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for:

1)We take rotational molding technology to ensure impact resistance and excellent durability.

2)Outer material takes LLDPE, has great performance in UV resistance.

Middle material uses PU form, guarantee the high-performance in insulation. Thus our Cooler 

The box can Keep warm or cold for at least 5 days!!! Inner material choose food grade PP, free from extraneous odor corrosion-resistant. Safety and reliability.

3)One-piece, seamless construction, have no seams to fail, leak-proof

4)The scale on the surface can help you measure the fish or anything else you want.

5)Two cup saucers on the upper can help you place your cup and ensure it will not dump easily.

6)Durable sealing gasket is to make sure the box excellent leakproofness.

7)The stainless steel lock plays a role not only as a lock but also as a bottle opener.

8)The unique design of the relief valve can help you open the Cooler Box easily especially when the air pressure inside and outside are lost balance.

9)Adjustable handles will bring you a comfortable feeling when carrying them.

10)Drain valve design with recessed drain plug could let the melted ice flows out easily.

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cooler box

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