We Will Defeat Coronvirus

- Mar 26, 2020-

I'm very shock when i heard how serious of Coronvirus in USA.   

We won this war in China .  but we're so sad when we heard Coronvirus spread fastly around the world and get the latest news in USA :

(CNN)More than 200 deaths from Covid-19 were reported Wednesday in the United States -- a new high for fatalities recorded in a single day.

The dramatic spike brought the number of novel coronavirus deaths since the outbreak reached the United States in late January to at least 928. Sunday morning -- less than four days ago -- the nationwide total was 326 deaths, according to CNN data derived from state reports.

Officials reported 223 deaths Wednesday, an increase higher than any other day. Tuesday saw 164 reports. Experts have said numbers will rise dramatically as more tests are administered and analyzed.

So we decided do something for our customer , all of us from GINT  contacted with all customer . and we want to express some face mask or others to them , and my colleagues Miss YOKO get the response from GSI outdoor .

it's so nice that we can do our best .

We pray for all humans and hope god bless you .