We Still Need A Thermal Flask

- Mar 31, 2021-

A thermal flask, a kind of insulation device in the shape of a cylinder, used to be the commonest item in our daily life. I remember that when I was young, there was a red thermal flask at my home. It was made of iron (or aluminum or another kind of metal), with showy peonies printed on the surface. My mom would fill it with hot water every day for us to drink. On freezing cold days, the water would also be used for face-wash or foot-soak. This thermal flask has been with me for my whole childhood, which means a lot to me.

Nowadays, with the popularity of electric kettles and vacuum bottles, the thermal flask is no longer an absolute necessity at home or office. But we do need it on certain occasions.

At school (especially in the school dormitory)

Even though most of the school dormitory is well served with all kinds of advanced facilities now, aiming to make students feel like living in their own houses, but there are still many inconveniences. For example, for the sake of safety, the electric kettle is usually not allowed in the school dormitory. If you want to get some hot water, you have to go to the designated place which may be far away from you and will cause you a little problem sometimes.

Under this circumstance, a high-quality thermal flask is undoubtedly a must.


I highly recommend this one. Without too many patterns and decorations, the appearance is simple but elegant, satisfying most people’s perception of beauty. At the same time, with multilayer vacuum insulation technology, the flask can keep liquid hot or cold for up to 12 hours, especially when the lid is closed, thus locking in perfect temperature to preserve the flavor and freshness of your drinks. The arc of the handle is equipped with anti-skid rubber material, affording a comfortable and strong grip, which makes one-handed pouring of this thermal flask possible.


This one is also a good option. Manufactured from the highest quality materials including 18/8 high-grade stainless steel, this vacuum flask keeps its contents safe to consume and thus will do no potential harm to your body. This model is of two sizes, namely 1.9L and 2.2L respectively, both of which can meet the all-day needs of a four-bed dormitory. Therefore, you don’t have to keep heating water for tea or preparing pots of coffee.

Outdoor adventures

Sometimes we do outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, fishing, etc. to have a pleasant time with the one we love. All these activities are worth trying. They give us the chance to escape far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and enjoy nature in her essence, which is a great way to clear your mind and get some much-needed tranquillity. But life in the great outdoors isn’t supposed to be luxurious. For instance, you can’t get drinking water easily sometimes, so extra water should be kept at hand just in case it is needed. After all, no one wants to spend his picnic time while feeling as dry as a bone.


This one is much suitable for outdoor activities. Built like a battleship and marked with our advanced double-wall vacuum insulation technology, this thermal flask has an excellent heat & cold retention performance. The heat is always on! The stainless steel construction on this insulated flask means it is super tough and durable, and you can throw it anywhere (your car trunk, grassland, garage, etc.) without the worry that it may be scratched or scraped. What’s more, with a matching wide strap, it can be fixed to the cooler box so as to free one of your hands while transporting and save more storage space.


For this model, I like its multi-purpose lid most, which can be used as a reusable serving cup. It is an ideal alternative to those wasteful disposable cups when necessary. Just pour your hot water or milk into the lid, wait until it cools down, and enjoy drinking. What’s more, the screwed stopper offers a 100% tight seal, thus water will not spill out of your flask no matter how much of a shake it experiences. Come and enjoy your mess-free drinking!