Umbrella Culture Meaning

- Sep 13, 2019-

Under the sun, in the drizzle, the mother who is holding the umbrella is waiting for her child to go to school. The umbrella is soaked in the mother's love for the child, and the mother's eager hope is revealed in her eyes. Love and hope to play the mother's love of the umbrella.

The umbrellas in the city are like the popular songs, silk umbrellas, paper umbrellas, butter umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, folding umbrellas, charming flower umbrellas, lattice umbrellas, UV umbrellas, paper umbrellas... these constantly refurbished umbrellas It is no longer an ordinary rain gear. It is a symbol of beauty. It makes people younger and more beautiful. It is a love for life.

There is an aura of watercolour painting: a clear stream between the green hills, a girl dressed in a Yi costume, holding a beautiful and elegant silk umbrella pavilion, passing through the stream, pure, simple, bright, The elegant style suddenly broke into the heart of the viewer, and the umbrella was gently rotated, and the heartstrings that were struck also played beautiful, classical music, which is the rhythm of the umbrella. Not only do I like it, but many people like it too. This is the quaint and natural love that the umbrella reveals.

In the ancient Chinese mythology, the love story "White Snake", which is popular among the people, is the first of its kind. Xu Xian’s book full of oily paper umbrellas supported the space above the head of the White Lady’s head. It was a love story that screamed and swayed through the ages. Xu Xian had no money and no property. The white lady valued his oil paper. The warmth and love of the inside of the umbrella is the true love of the umbrella culture.

From the TV screen, I have seen thousands of beaches: a pair of men and women sitting next to a pair of sun-dressed umbrellas sitting or sitting, the sun is carefully applying their skin to a healthy and provocative color. At this time, the umbrella only filters the sunlight instead of the props. The enthusiasm and openness of the unrestricted hugs and kisses are dotted with the umbrellas, embellished with another umbrella culture. There is a song to sing: lover with flowers and umbrellas, blue sky and white clouds are more sunny... I am very puzzled when listening: I have an umbrella, how bright is the sky? The world of umbrellas has more answers: the umbrella of lovers Of course, it is a sleek and clear-cut style.