Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New! Happy Chinese New Year!

- Feb 06, 2021-

On January 29th, 2021, Zhejiang GiNT Vacuum Flask Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2020 year-end party with the theme of “Ring out the Old, Ring in the New”. Our hardworking colleagues as well as many other partners attended the grand gathering.

Mr. Qiu, the General Manager of GiNT, started the party with his New Year greetings. He made a brief review of our work in the past year and put forward the future planning. He declaimed, “The foreign trade industry suffered a lot from the unexpected disease at the beginning of 2020. However, facing the complicated and grim economic environment at home and abroad, we didn’t give up. We worked hard together, surmounted numerous difficulties, and hit our annual sales targets.” In 2021, GiNT would continue to enlarge the sales team and keep the business growing. What’s more, with the unprecedented prosperity of cross-border e-commerce, we would grasp the opportunity to prospect for a wider customer base and provide a higher quality service. At the end of his speech, Mr. Qiu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all staff again.

During the party, the staff from different departments presented wonderful performances as well. Musical theater Play the Drum and Sing a Song recreated the flavor of Turpan. All the performers dressed in traditional Uyghur clothing and everyone present was beguiled by the romance and exotic atmosphere of the song and dance. Poetry reading None but the Brave showed our great faith and courage to triumph over adversity, while the other program She Walks in Beauty conveyed our admiration for a pure soul. The Little Dancing Dwarf, a kind of puppet show, was the highlight of the party. With weird wigs and glasses, these performers looked so funny that all the spectators found it difficult to keep their countenance. Their exaggerated smiles and gestures was a magic cure-all that could take our mind off things.

The year-end party was likely to come to a climax in the following awarding of prizes. Penny was the Best Employee of the Year. As the leader of the business department, she had to cope with all kinds of affairs every day. She believed that one way to improve our service is to put ourselves in the clients’ position, which was the reason why she could gain the recognition of clients and then generate huge benefits for our company. Besides, WenWen, Annie, and Jane also won the prize for their excellent performances last year.

At last, all the staff began to eat the New Year’s Eve Dinner, and the whole party came to a successful close in a harmonious and joyful atmosphere. 

Looking back in 2020, we scored great achievements in business growth and product R&D. Looking forward to 2021, we have full confidence to create brilliant success once again. Let’s remain true to our original aspiration and move forward bravely!


Thank you all for giving GiNT full support in 2020. The Spring Festival of 2021 is coming, and all the staff of GiNT wishes you a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the Year of the Ox!

In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, the company is scheduled for an eight-day holiday which is from 10th, February to 17th, February. We will be back to work on 18th, February. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holiday brings you any inconveniences.

We are looking forward to your support in the coming year, and we hope we can have better cooperation and make brilliant business!


6th February 2021