Ice Cooler Box And Beverage Cooler Box

- Nov 24, 2020-

An ice cooler box in its simplest definition is a portable device that is helpful for keeping perishable items or beverages fresh and cool for a long time. It is usually kept closed and is opened only when something is needed from inside of it.

It is recommended to choose an ice cooler box of a light color to reflect most sunlight. It used well, it can preserve food at a near-freezing point for anywhere from some hours to a couple of days. Ice tends to melt slowly and when it turns into water, it needs to be drained out, filling the cooler completely with new ice.

A certain amount of heat energy is required to melt the ice. While this energy is absorbed by ice, the temperature remains almost the same, however, it starts turning into water.


An ice cooler box is meant to insulate, meaning the heat from the outside barely makes any difference. A big chunk of ice requires a lot of time and heat energy to melt. Even if the ice chunk starts melting, it keeps the food or beverages cold that are touching it.


A beverage cooler box is provided which is intended to receive ice or other cooling means to keep containers packaged therein cool. The box is made of a material which is impervious to liquid which may be contained within the box during use. The box includes folding end panels which extend continuously between adjacent front and rear panels; therefore, there are no seams or breaks in the material around the lower portion of the box which might degrade the ability of the box to hold a liquid. Also disclosed is a method of assembling the cooler box.