How To Clean The Thermos Cup

- Aug 29, 2020-

Nowadays, many health-preserving people have a thermos cup. The thermos cup can bring warm and convenient drinking water, but it can also become a hotbed of various bacteria. Many sanitary corners, such as inner tanks and bottle cap gaps, are difficult to touch with hands during normal cleaning. How to clean the thermos cup, let me share with you my experience in this regard:


First of all, it needs to be clear that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly every day. It is not a simple cleaning, the cup noodles, the inner liner, and the bottle cap need to be cleaned without leaving dead ends.

Next, put a small amount of edible salt in the bottle, add warm water, shake to make the salt dissolve and cover every place in the bottle, and leave it for about 10 minutes to allow the salt water to have enough time to kill bacteria.

Then start processing the lid. Remove the lid of the cup, and use the toothbrush squeezed with toothpaste to carefully brush the gaps and places of the bottle lid, because the toothpaste has a certain effect of sterilizing and inhibiting bacteria.

Crush some egg shells, throw them into the bottle and fill it with cold water, close the cork and hold it with one hand, hold the neck of the bottle with your thumb and other fingers, and hold the bottom of the bottle with the other hand, up, down, left and right Rotate and shake. About 20 seconds to plant, remove the cork, pour out the eggshell, and rinse twice with water.

Next, rinse the whole inside and outside of the cup with clean water 2-3 times.

Be careful not to cover the lid immediately after washing. The body and lid should be placed separately, and then cover after drying. It is best to use sunlight to avoid the smell of the thermos cup.

How to clean the thermos cup