Go Camping With Fresh Food In The Cooler Box In Spring (Part 2)

- Mar 22, 2021-

Powerful function 

The inner shell and the box body are made of food-grade plastic materials, which are resistant to cold and hot temperatures. It has stable performance and it is non-toxic, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. The thickened material can effectively organize the temperature loss in the box, so as to achieve the effect of long-time preservation. Adopting a multi-layer thermal insulation design, the thermal insulation effect is remarkable. The thickened rubber sealing ring is used in the contact part with the outer edge of the box. Locking the buckle and compacting, will prevent the airflow from introducing heat, and effectively locking the freshness. Long-term cold and heat preservation design with good airtightness can extend the heat preservation effect.

Design details

1.Silicone sealing strip 

A thickened and widened rubber sealing ring is used for the part that is in contact with the outer edge of the box. This seamless combination design basically prevents the airflow from introducing heat and achieves a good thermal insulation effect.

2.Fast buckle and pull system

The pressure generated when the outer cover is locked by the buckle, and the sealing ring is compacted, firmly locking and maintaining the temperature, saving time and effort, and making opening and closing more convenient.

3.Non-slip footpads at the bottom 

The thick rubber foot pads are soft and durable. Besides, the non-slipping food pads which have a large grip area will increase the distance from the ground, and then assure longer heat preservation

4.Nylon handle

Thicken and bold design allows it to become sturdy and reliable. New synthetic rubber handle design at the handshake, which makes it light, easy to grip, and create a better hand-feeling. 

The design of these details makes this product more attractive and competitive. 

Spring has arrived, it is time to go out and to experience the world. At this time, do not forget to use our cooler box, always keeping fresh and cool on the way. Take the cooler box home, it may give you an additional meaning that to inform us staying at home or working in the company all day are not all of life, but enjoying outdoor time with your family is the very important thing. It is not just a choice of the cooler boxes but also a different lifestyle. Therefore, why not take the advantage of good springtime, take your family and friend, take the cooler box, to go out together?

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