Go Camping With Fresh Food In The Cooler Box In Spring (Part 1)

- Mar 22, 2021-

Have Experienced the cold winter during the epidemic,it is time to go out for a trip in the spring. For traveling, especially for camping, to enjoy fresh food and drink is an indispensable and pleasant thing. Even if camping for only one night, it is highly recommended to be well prepared. Camping is indeed a thing that takes a lot of time and energy to prepare, after all, this is your mobile home. Thinking of camping as a project where all family members must participate in preparation, so it’s ideal to get the support of all members. The whole family prepares for cooking a camping dinner with fresh food ingredients together is something that everyone feels involved in. In the process of such a journey, some useful tools, such as a functional tent and a cooler box, may benefit you get the twice result with half the effort. If the coffee mate would be seen as the best partner of a cup of coffee, the cooler box is the most essential partner for an outdoor self-driving trip. It can help you keep food fresh and drink cold, offer a better condition for dinner like barbecue, and create a wonderful experience. The ROTO series cooler box is definitely the best choice for your camping plan.

The exterior appearance and the capacity 

The shell of the ROTO cooler box is made of thick food-grade LDTPE and TPE material, combined with the injection molding process. In addition, due to the manufacturer’s years of experience in safety box materials, it is reinforced with multiple reinforcing ribs to achieve high load-bearing, compressive strength, and seismic effects. These all will contribute to improving the overall strength of the box and maintaining the strong resistance to the fall-off of outdoor use. Furthermore, the performance of heat and cold resistance is also pretty good. The two colors of black and white are also more dirt-proof and durable, makes it looks more brief and professional.

The lid of the cooler box is a flat design, and there is a beverage card slot on the surface of the box, which can be used as an item placement for easy handling. Open the box lid, and you can see that there is a silicone sealing strip between the box lid and the box body, which can effectively prevent the cooler box from leaking and achieve long-term insulation. The bottom of the box is designed with four bases that are made of high-grade thick wear-resistant rubber material. They can anti-skid and anti-vibration so that the box remains extremely stable while reducing the contact area between the box and the ground.

The volume of classic ROTO2000 is 20L, and the appearance is trapezoidal on all sides, forming a shape with a large top and a small bottom. It can be fully accommodated for a picnic meal of a one-day family trip, drinks, fruits, vegetables, barbecue ingredients. Of course, there are other different capacities that can be selected as 45L, 70L, and 75L, which could meet the different needs of individuals. The ROTO2000 cooler box can be easily put into the trunk of a car, especially for SUVs, and actually, it occupies a relatively small space. If you are not too concerned about the fuel consumption, you can also put some sundries at ordinary times to facilitate the tidy of the trunk. There is no doubt that it can be a good storage box for daily life. 

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