GiNT New Video About The ST1100 ST3000 ST6000

- Jan 23, 2021-

Excellent Performance

Have you ever had such an experience: you pour out quarts of water from a cooler box just after a few hours on a sweltering day? How upset it is! Now, with the development of technology, this problem has been solved. New materials including PP, PE, and PU foam have been used in the production of cooler boxes. These materials are nonpoisonous, hazard-free, and up to the international standard of kitchenware and food safety. On the one hand, we can benefit from eco-friendly materials, not only for our own health but also for our earth and future generation. On the other hand, an extra thick foam wall provides five days of ice retention. Dual-locking lid latches and insulated lid also make a great contribution to a secure closure to keep the cold in. The advanced cooling technology ensures that you are never without chilled drinks at the beach, on the lake, or by the campfire. Meanwhile, although called a cooler box, this container can also be used to hold hot dishes. If your journey is on a shivering winter day, why not store your steaming hot foods and beverages in the box to make your trip more charming?