GiNT New Order In The Jan Of 2021

- Jan 21, 2021-

Foreign trade sales Jane signed an order of $280,000 on 19th January.

In the Internet era, e-commerce is gradually replacing traditional foreign trade. Our customer found us through Google and told us their demands by email and video call. Then we recommended appropriate products and eventually made the deal. Kira believes that it is the first step to know consumer’s demands. We also need to develop the ability to reply to inquires quickly and precisely. That’s what we call supply chain capability, which is the key to grasp business opportunities in the international market. 

In 2021, exhibitions at home and abroad still can’t be held normally through the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, we must seek customers with the help of social media such as all kinds of e-commerce platforms.

At the beginning of the new year, I hope you can pay more attention to opportunities brought by the Internet, working hard, and striving for greater achievements.

jan 21