GiNT Leopard Print Cooler Box SK5000

- Jan 22, 2021-

Apart from esthetically pleasing color combinations, the GiNT cooler box has many other functional designs, such as side handles, dual-locking lid latches, and even a load-bearing tensile rope embedded in the inner side of theirs. These humanized designs avoid a number of unnecessary troubles. The two non-slip side handles make it easy and comfortable to carry and lift. The dual-locking lid latches act as security for the inside objects of the cooler box. Sometimes you bump into the box by accident, however, as long as the buckle is firmly locked, these objects will not fall out even though the box is tipped over.

There are also two round grooves on the lid, on which you can put your thermos, beer bottles, or even a can of Coca-Cola. In this way, the box comes very naturally to turn into a table. What's more, due to its super-rugged material and smooth surface, the lid can also serve as a chopping block.