Drink More Water For A Better You

- Apr 09, 2021-

Have you ever had such an experience? When you go to the hospital, whether you have a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, the doctor will always say, “Remember to drink as much water as you can.” It seems that only water, especially hot water, is the panacea for all diseases. Is water so magical? What positive effects can drink more water bring us? How much water do we need to drink every day? What kind of water is something that we really need?

Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, once wrote in his masterpiece The Compendium of Materia Medica, the most complete medical book in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, “The soldiers will feel drained of energy if without water.” This means water is indispensable to human beings, and it is the source of life. The following are the reasons why we think so.

1.Human body is made up of protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins, and water, of which water accounts for 70% of body weight on average. What’s more, water participates in every process within the digestion, absorption, transportation of the nutrients from food, and it is also an important medium for excreting wastes from the body. Therefore, water gets involved in the whole-body metabolism.

2.Water is a carrier of organism substance cycle. Just like logistics transportation which ensures that everything we need can be sent to us whenever and wherever water is the carrier to transport these required nutrients to every organ in the body so as to keep our physiological processes working.

3.Our blood, sweat, tear, saliva, and urine all contain a lot of water. To maintain a suitable concentration of these body fluids is one of the reasons we need to drink enough water every day. After all, if 15-20% water is lost from our body, we will suffer from loss of appetite, fractious mood, headaches, or insomnia. If things go like this, we will even die.

4.Blood volume is a measurement of the volume, or amount of space, that the blood takes up in a given person. And water can help to maintain a normal volume of blood. If a person loses too much water, the blood volume will then be reduced, resulting in low blood pressure, which may cause vital organs to receive inadequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients.

5.Compared with most other substances, water has an extremely high specific heat capacity, which makes it good for temperature regulation. About 4.18J is needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1℃. As we all know, our body can sweat, thereby losing a large amount of heat by evaporation, so that all parts of our body can remain at a normal temperature.

6.After the whole-body metabolism is completed, the waste matter such as urine or sweat but especially feces need discharging from the human body. Urine is the most typical way to excrete harmful or useless substances from the body. At this time, water does work. It is said that drinking at least 2L of still mineral water throughout the day can aid detoxification.

7.Even though trace element, a micronutrient such as iodine, iron, and zinc, accounts for only 0.01% of the total weight of the human body, it still plays an important role in human health, without which will lead to many diseases. For example, the research shows that our memory will get worse through lack of zinc. There are a lot of free trace elements in high-quality mineral water, which can be easily absorbed by the human body. 

8.White blood cells are the body’s sentries, serving as the backbone of the immune system. When you are sick, the ratio of white cells in the blood will increase substantially to diagnose illness and fight infection. And after killing these foreign bacteria, they simply die. However, water can speed up the production of white blood cells. No wonder doctors always say “Drink more water.”

Now that drinking water can benefit us a lot, how much water do we actually need to drink every day? Generally speaking, an adult is supposed to drink 1500-1700ml water per day, and children or infants need more. It sounds a little bit hard to achieve. But a chic and classy bottle will help make your drinking more charming!




This type of bottle has an ample capacity of 450ml, not only meeting your daily needs but also offering extra easy carrying with a lifting handle. What’s more, with double-wall stainless steel construction, you can relish steamy drinks or icy refreshing beverages whenever and wherever.

Don’t forget to drink enough water every day. For yourself, and for those who love you and those you love.