Cooler Introduction

- Jan 01, 2019-

High quality coolers are a type of heat exchange device used to cool fluids. Water or air is usually used as a coolant to remove heat. There are partition wall coolers, spray coolers, jacketed coolers and serpentine coolers. The low temperature PTFE cooler for power plants is a new type of equipment for power plants to reduce waste heat recovery. The fluoroplastic heat exchanger prevents acid corrosion and reduces the temperature of the flue gas to less than 100 degrees. The plastic cooler is a corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchanger. It was first successfully manufactured and commercialized by Dupont. China has also invested a lot of money and manpower in the development of fluoroplastic heat exchangers. Zhengzhou University of Technology has successfully developed a "polytetrafluoroethylene (referred to as F-4) tube plate limited expansion pressure heating welding process" to solve the fluoroplastic pipe Key technology for connection to tube sheets. Subsequently, various types of fluoroplastic coolers made in China have been put into practical production and have achieved good results.