A Vacuum Flask Inspired By The Canton Tower

- Apr 03, 2021-

In this hopeful season, how would you choose to welcome the beginning of this thriving spring? For most people, one common and meaningful way is to execute the spring outing plan. From the geographical distribution point of view, the ten most popular cities for spring travel on the Airbnb platform are Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Sanya, Beijing, Chongqing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. This spring, it’s better to invite a couple of friends, walk into the unique neighborhoods of the ten major cities, and live in designer boutique guesthouses or chic forest huts, to experience the different natural and wild fun such as urban leisure, fresh seaside, and gourmet food. In addition, exploring the scenery of the ancient town, and meeting the most beautiful spring scene inadvertently. Based on a recent traveler survey, this spring, each traveler will plan 1.6 trips on average to establish an emotional connection with family, friends, and loved ones while traveling, to live up to the spring.

In China where is vast and rich in resources, young people are busy with work and rarely have time to travel, so that their mood can be completely released. Recently, nature-loving, kind contact, and the charm of this country are constantly displayed to the world, so that the enchantment of China continues to increase. Tourists from other countries have begun to fall in love with the beautiful scenery of China. In the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists, Guangzhou is one of the top three popular travel cities in China. Of Guangzhou, Canton Tower is one of the popular attractions that should not be missed. It is a landmark construction located along the Pearl River and across the river from Guangzhou’s commercial center "Zhujiang New Town". Since its completion in 2010, the Canton Tower has won the crown of China's tallest tower with an absolute height of 600 meters. It adopted the best contemporary engineering design and the latest construction technology. With its unique architectural shape and new heights in the world, there are many Guinness World Records projects on top of such a towering sightseeing tower. These include the world's highest revolving restaurant at 423 meters, the world's highest outdoor viewing platform at 488 meters, the world's tallest Ferris wheel at 454 meters, and the world's highest jumper with a free fall distance of 30 meters. Countless wonderful sightseeing and entertainment projects have brought wonderful high-altitude experiences to tourists who come to visit the Canton Tower, allowing tourists to experience an extraordinary journey that touches the sky.

The total height of the Canton Tower is 600 meters, of which the main tower is 450 meters high, and the antenna mast is 150 meters high. It has the characteristics of the super high structure, strange shape, complex shape, and the largest amount of steel. Its outer frame tube is composed of 24 steel columns and 46 steel elliptical rings intersecting, forming a hollow and open unique beauty body, which seems to be twisted and transformed in a three-dimensional space. As the building with the thinnest waist in the world (the smallest diameter is only more than 30 meters) and the most difficult building in the world, the builders have overcome the unprecedented difficulty of engineering and construction, and have more than 10,000 inclined steel components with different sizes and specifications. It accurately installed into tall and tall architectural classics, and created a series of architectural "world's best".

The Canton Tower, as the first in China and the third in the world, shows the world the vision and courage of taking off in Guangzhou, challenging themselves, and facing the world. With its unique design and shape, it perfectly combines power and art. The grand ambition and majestic style of the big city of Guangzhou have become a beautiful landscape on the new central axis. The Canton Tower has also successfully joined the "World Alliance of High Towers" with its significant social influence, and successfully established a national 4A-level tourist attraction in 2013, consolidating the dominant position of the Canton Tower as the new business card of Guangzhou tourism.

The TH series manufactured by GiNT, the wonderful inspiration of its exterior appearance is from Canton tower. It is not an ordinary one-piece cylinder, but an irregular bottle body composed of multiple diamond-shaped cross-sections. If saying the problems in the lifting, measurement, welding, deformation control of the steel structure construction, and the construction technology of the steel structure was the biggest feature and difficulty of the Canton Tower project, the design of this cup also increases the difficulty of processing invisibly, which may reflect the excellent manufacturing process of the company. Such a design could increase the friction between the hands and the surface of the cup body, making it easier to hold, more convenient for daily travel, and harder to fall and cause breakage.

In addition to the most classic stainless steel silver which is similar to Canton Tower, there are many other colors available including white, beige, pink, red, and black. It is a piano-paint surface, exuding a high-level gloss that looks textured and fashionable. Of course, our company also provides customized service which means you can choose your favorite color and print your own logo. Take the view of the bottle from outside to inside, the inner material of it is made of safe food-grade stainless steel, assuring the good insulation effect that keeping about 46℃ for over 12 hours, and then making consumers more rely upon it. In addition to this, the thermos cup also equips with a filter sieve that will meet the needs of tea drinkers, allowing the separation of tea and water, and it can be seen as a very thoughtful design. In general, this vacuum flask is excellent in every aspect.