What’s the Difference? Double Wall Insulated vs Single Wall Water Bottle

- Dec 29, 2020-

While buying the correct water bottle might not be as exciting as searching for the new backcountry skiing setup you’ve been lusting after, the choice is still an extremely important one. In some ways, it might be one of the most important purchases you make, because it could be the piece of gear you use most frequently over the course of its lifetime. Little issues like a squeaky lid, heavy materials, or poor lip-to-lid interaction can potentially drive you crazy over tens of thousands of sips. 

The single wall bottle

1.It’s made of stainless steel or plastic or silicon, any material but only a single wall for your drinking.

2.You can feel hot or cold when touching the surface of the single wall bottle, hence you might feel too much cold with ice water on Winter day or too hot for your coffee.

3.Different custom graphic can apply on the bottle with printing, laser engraving

4.It’s safe and healthy as long as its raw material and manufacturing processes are safe and clean.

5.It’s lightweight, easy to take on the go, lower prices which are good options when with a low budget.

The double-wall bottle

1.It’s usually made by Stainless Steel and with Double Walls

2.There’s a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to made the bottle keeps ice-cold 24 hours up and hot 12 hours up, due to heat energy can not through the vacuum layer which is no air when hot or cold energy can not get into the bottle inside, or bring the hot or cold from inside of the bottle to outside.

3.You can enjoy hot coffee with a double-wall vacuum insulated bottle for 6 or 12 hours upon cold Winter day, also enjoy an ice-cold beer with slow drinking at the beach with your friends/family in the hot Summer seasons.

4.Custom graphic pictures can apply to the bottle with printing, laser engraving, or embossing.

5.It’s double the weight of a single wall bottle, also double prices, but it is worthwhile.