The C45 General Information

- Apr 26, 2020-

The C45 General Information

General Information

C45 is medium carbon steel for e.g. mechanical engineering and automotive components.

Variant SB8673 / SB-C45 is a variant with a narrowed chemical composition in order to reach a high hardenability and it is fine grain treated with Al

Variant SB1672 is a standard variant of C45 with medium Carbon for all-purpose use

Variant SB1671 is a C45 with slightly lower alloy content and with an increased Sulphur content

Variant 5081 is an M-treated variant which is offered under the name Imatra 4M

Variant 5155 is similar to 5081 but is a non-M-steel with lower Sulphur content

Variant 047A is an ingot cast variant. High hardness and high strength can be achieved after hardening thanks to the relatively high carbon content. The steel is suitable for various types of applications where high strength is needed.

Similar designations

C43, C44, C45R - 1.1201, C45E - 1.1191, Ck45, St70-2, SAE 1045, 080A42, SS 1672, XC 48, C 45, S 45 C, GOST 45, AISI/SAE/ASTM 1045

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