Roto-molding: What, exactly, it is?

- Jan 22, 2021-

As you go out there looking for the perfect cooler, you’re likely to see the term “rotomolded” used an awful lot. We bet you have probably wondered what that means.

Rotomolding is simply a particular process used by manufacturers to give plastic material the shape that they desire.

The full name for rotomolding is rotational molding, and it basically defines the method used to give the plastic the desired shape. The process itself is superior to other processes used to shape plastic and produces very high quality and durable bodies that have become the hallmark of the best coolers on the market.

The process begins with filling a mold with hot molten plastic. The mold is then rotated at a preset speed in order to for the plastic to have an even and consistent thickness along the entire body of the cooler. That is where the strength of the rotomolding process lies: the cooler is able to achieve consistent thickness, which means there aren’t any weak spots that are especially prone to cracking or shattering. The best way to appreciate the advantages of rotomolding is to look at some of the alternatives on the table.