Insulation effect

- Sep 14, 2019-

The ice pack is placed in a -20 ° C freezer for 24 hours to fully store the cold. According to the standard configuration, the temperature in the refrigerator can be kept below 8 ° C for more than 80 hours, which is suitable for various medium and long distance low temperature drug transportation.

Other types of coolers:

The above is a material science based refrigerator and its refrigeration measures and related working conditions. It is a non-consumable refrigeration tool. In addition, in the case where the refrigeration requirements are more stringent, it is necessary to use an electronic refrigerator that requires energy to achieve the purpose of accurate refrigeration.

According to different needs, it is divided into high-temperature refrigerated and normal-temperature refrigerated and low-temperature refrigerated refrigerators.

For example, some medicines in clinical medicine need to be stored in a sub-zero temperature environment for a long time. It is not possible to use a non-consumable refrigerator, and a refrigerator with temperature control capability must be used.

This type of refrigerator has the ability to collect, heat, and cool. Closed-loop control is used to achieve precise temperature control. The basic framework is: temperature acquisition - temperature comparison (compared with set temperature) - control mode selection (heating or cooling) - temperature acquisition. This forms a ring for precise control purposes. In addition, the PID algorithm is often used in the field of automatic control to achieve accurate and fast control of control targets. Fuzzy algorithms also have relevant applications in control.