Insulation bag specifications

- Jul 01, 2019-

Insulation bag: Large size bag market price is about 120 yuan, size: outer size: 63*48*36cm, actual available inner size: 57*42*36cm; large bag can hold 30-50 large box lunch, can Stacked together as a thermal insulation box, it is much better than the usual iron insulation box. The medium bag market price is about 45 yuan to 65 yuan, the main size: (1) outer size: 42 * 25 * 23cm inner size: 40 * 23 * 23cm (45 yuan) (2) outer size: 45 * 25 * 23cm inner size: 43*23*23cm (50 yuan) (3) outer size: 40*32*30cm inner size: 38*30*30cm (65 yuan). In addition to the large insulation bag and medium insulation bag, there is also a kind of western food insulation bag, which is specially used for western food stores. The price of western food insulation bag market is about 100 yuan. Size: outer size: 50*42*35cm Size: 44*36*35cm.