How to Set Up an Ice Box Cooler for Food

- Apr 28, 2020-

How to Set Up an Ice Box Cooler for Food

In short, rather than placing food directly on the ice in the cooler — which will melt and you’ll end up with your food sitting in water — it’s far better to get some racks or grates and put your food in bins on the racks.

Before heading to the store, measure the length and width of your icebox or cooler. If it’s not a rectangle, sketch the space and write down the measurements.

How to Use a Cooler for Food - If you don't have a refrigerator, you can store a lot of fresh produce in a cooler with these tips on how to set up the cooler so all the food isn't in the meltwater.

If you use racks as I did, they don’t have to 100% fill the inside of the icebox. They just have to sufficiently fill the space to form a solid base for the bins. Two things are important, however:

you want all the tops to be level, without protrusions that will interfere with your bins, and

you want the racks 5″ to 6″ off the bottom of the icebox so that sufficient ice can fit under them

If you want a heavier-duty shelf, wire closet shelves are available in most home improvement stores and they can be cut to whatever size you need. They are much sturdier if you’re trying to span a larger distance.

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