How to choose your bottle?

- Jul 01, 2020-

How to choose your bottle?

Decide on the size you need. Stainless steel bottles come in everything from 8 oz. (0.24 l) child-sized cups to 40 oz. (1.2 l) containers. If you bike frequently or plan to use it in your car, measure your water bottle holder or car cup holder before making your final decision.

Choose an insulated or uninsulated option. If you plan to hike with the water bottle and want cold water, or if you plan to use it for warm liquids, like tea or coffee, in the winter, then choose an insulated option.

Check if the water bottle comes with cap options. Some bottles are sold with screw caps and sport caps. If you plan to use it during exercise and regular day use, look for this combination.

Decide if you want to sip or gulp from the bottle. Some companies make bite valves or straws. If you plan to pour your water into a cup, this is not necessary. If you plan to drink while you are hiking or exercising, this is the best choice.

Opt for a color or design. Most steel water bottles are sold in traditional silver color; however, GiNT bottles come in a variety of bright colors and can be covered with a decal.

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