How to choose travel mug?

- Jul 06, 2020-

How to choose travel mug?

You rely on a good travel mug to get you through a busy day. Whether it’s morning rush hour traffic or that 3 PM slump, you need something durable enough to keep you hydrated, or caffeinated, at all times!

How do you pick the right travel mug? What should you keep in mind? Fill up your cup, and let’s get started!

What Are the Best Travel Mugs?

Are you looking for a new travel mug? The best option will check all the boxes when it comes to:



Lid Type



All of these factors are important to consider when choosing a travel mug. Ultimately, it should fit your lifestyle and what works best for your needs.

How Many Ounces is a Standard Travel Mug?

The average travel mug will fit about 16 ounces. However, you’ll find options that go as high as 64 ounces, as small as 8 ounces, and just about every size in between.

The handy chart below breaks down some of the most popular ounce sizes for travel mugs and compares them to the size of soda containers. This helps you get an idea of how much drink can be stored inside.

How Many Ounces is a Standard Travel Mug?

The larger you go, the more you can expect to fit in your mug. For instance, the 12 ouncers would fit one can of soda, while the 64-ounce mug would hold almost all of a 2-liter bottle.

It’s important to know and understand the difference so you don’t go thirsty throughout the day! You should look for a travel mug that’s big enough for you.

Which is the Best Material for a Travel Mug?

Travel mugs are usually made from aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic. Metal is the best insulator, meaning it will keep the temperature for both cold and warm drinks.

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