How Do Cooler Box Work?

- Apr 25, 2020-

How Do Cooler Box Work?


The process of heat traveling around an enclosed space through air currents.

It’s unavoidable – convection will eventually take place inside your cooler. Thanks to the insulation, though, it happens at a slower rate. Ultimately, this helps things stay colder for a longer period of time.

Still, there’s more behind the science of coolers! Due to the warm air slowing down from the insulation, a process called conduction is also unable to take place. This is when an object loses its temperature and affects other objects nearby. Think of it like one bad apple heating up the bunch.


The process of heat spreading from one object to other objects that are in close proximity.

cooler box

Convection and conduction aren’t able to wreak their havoc inside your cooler because the insulation acts as a strong barrier. Meanwhile, the ice is working its magic and making sure the temperature stays pretty cold. Keep in mind, though, this only works when the lid stays closed. Every time it’s opened, warm air is able to sneak inside and make the temperature go up faster. Avoid this serious party foul at your next barbeque or tailgate!

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