Drink history

- Apr 30, 2019-

In the Tang Dynasty, due to the gradual popularization of the special cockroaches for drinking tea, the invention was also invented. The Song and Yuan dynasties followed the Ming and Qing dynasties with the cover, which began to form a three-in-one teapot with one cover, one cover and one dish. - Cover the bowl. The tea bowl, the lid and the tea tray (holding the small dish of the tea pot) have three advantages: the tea pot is smaller than the tea bowl, and the top and bottom are small, the water injection is convenient, and the tea is easy to precipitate. At the bottom, when the water is added, the tea rolls and it is easy to make tea juice. Secondly, there is a raised tea cover, and the cover is smaller than the mouth, not easy to slip, easy to condense the tea, and can also be used to cover the tea foam. The tea is rubbed with the lips; the third is that the tea tray will not be hot, and the water overflowing from the tea pot can be prevented from wetting the clothes. Therefore, in the etiquette of the tea ceremony, the bowl of tea is more respectful; the fourth is to use The bowl is used as a drinking utensil for better heat preservation.

There is also a rumor about the invention of the entrustment: During the reign of the Tang Dynasty, there was an official named Cui who loved to drink tea. His daughter also had the same goodness and was exceptionally intelligent. After the tea was poured into the tea soup, it was very hot when drinking tea. The woman felt a way to take a small dish and put it on her armpit. But when I was about to drink, the cup slipped and fell, and I thought about it. I used wax to make a ring of tea-bottom size in the dish to fix the tea pot. When drinking tea, the tea pot would not fall. Not to be hot. Later, the painter was made into a paint product called "盏托". This one-on-one-style samovar is both practical and adds a decorative effect of the samovar, giving a sense of solemnity and lingering to generations.

The use of the Song Dynasty has been quite popular, mostly for lacquer products. After the Ming Dynasty, it was covered on the raft, which not only increased the heat preservation of the samovar, but also made it better to soak the tea juice in the tea, which increased the cleaning of the samovar and prevented the intrusion of dust. When you drink, you can hold the lid with one hand, and hold the lid with a lid. You can use the tea lid to shake the tea on the surface of the tea soup, adding a tea drink.

The teapot as a dish was only appeared in the Ming Dynasty. Because of the popular tea drinking method in the Ming Dynasty, the pot and the pot became the most basic tea set. In the Tang Dynasty, the "teapot" was a "fried kettle" instead of a "sweet teapot." The most famous tea set in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was the purple sand pottery teapot and tea pot burned with Yixing purple sand pottery.