Best Rotomolded Coolers for Fishing, Hunting, Camping and Everything Else Outdoors

- Mar 22, 2021-

Rotomolded coolers are a new generation of high-end portable coolers that are a cut above your standard icebox. By utilizing rotationally-molded construction, exceptional insulation can be achieved resulting in coolers that keep ice for days (as much as up to 10 days), making them the best product on the market for preserving your food, drink, or fresh catch, whether you are at the beach, on the water or camping/hunting in the middle of nowhere.

4 Key Features to Look for in a Super Cooler

Regardless of the number of features offered in premium coolers, we believe there are 4 key areas to rating the effectiveness of any modern super cooler.

So, we have three coolers from 60 to 65 quarts and three ranging from 70 to 75 quarts. These are some of the best large rotomolded coolers made today for outdoor recreation. Let’s take a closer look into what makes these heavy-duty coolers special…

Cooler Construction

Roto-molded – rotationally-molded coolers are manufactured through a process whereby one continuous piece of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic is created by pouring the powdered resin into a mold, then placing it in a special, high-temperature oven and heating it while it rotates bi-axially. The end result is a very durable, one-piece cooler with uniform walls and almost no stress points.

All food and beverage coolers in this review have been put through testing involving live Grizzly bears for an hour or until the cooler has been breached by the bear.

But, regardless of where you plan on fishing, hunting or camping, having a cooler that is IGBC-certified is a good indicator of quality construction and durability.

Cooler Insulation

This goes directly to ice retention. How well your cooler is insulated is a critical factor in how long ice and its contents will keep. Several factors (latches, seals, gaskets, etc.) go into making a cooler that has great ice retention/food preservation, but one of the most important is insulation.