A Dirtbag's Guide to Sanitation During a Pandemic

- Sep 04, 2020-

It’s the summer of the American road trip. COVID-19 has made flying risky and staying close to home a much more appealing getaway option. Though many people have canceled or postponed vacations, it’s still possible to get out—if you plan very, very carefully, and follow CDC guidelines. In short, she said in an email, “Remember the three W’s: wear a mask, wash hands, wait (maintain a six-foot distance)—and enjoy the great outdoors.”

Cover Up and Stand Back

Masks have been shown to effectively reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. If you’re in a public place, you should be wearing a mask or face covering “whenever you are indoors or outdoors, well before [being within] six feet of individuals who are not in your immediate family,” Permar said.

That translates to masking up at tightly spaced campsites and when passing others on hiking trails, too. Although increased airflow outside means a lower chance of transmission, face coverings further reduce risk. Plus, it’s common courtesy, and in many states, going barefaced can result in a fine. 

At camp, all you need to set up an effective handwashing station is clean running water and soap. 

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